temporary foster care

Temporary foster care application form

Temporary Foster Care is something that can be needed in various emergency situations such as owner illness or hospitalisation.


Before completing the application form please have a think about roughly how long you will need the temporary care and also if you are able to transport your Dachshund to our foster carer.


We want your dog to be as settled as possible whilst in foster care so it is extremely helpful if you can provide as much information as you can about your dog, temperament, routine, sleeping arrangements, how they travel in the car, likes and dislikes along with the other information requested.


Details of the items you will need to provide for your dog are on the application form.


When we have received the completed form we will match a foster carer to your dog and get back to you to make arrangements for the dog to go into foster care.


If you wish to apply to foster a dog for the charity in a situation such as above or for a dog awaiting a new home please complete the adoption/foster application. (You can choose to select adopt, foster or both)

Please enter your password provided by our team to complete the application, or contact us if you have a problem or wish to discuss temporary foster care.