telephone support

Telephone Support

Here at Suloti Dachshund Support we understand that it can be a challenging and lonely experience having to sometimes deal with difficult situations such as:


• Having to say goodbye to your treasured Dachshund.  
• Having to put your Dachshund into temporary foster care
• Taking on and re-homing a Dachshund, 
• Caring for a Dachshund with behavioural issues,
• Looking after your Dachshund who is ill.
• Caring for a Dachshund who is undergoing and recovering from surgery.


This service applies to any Dachshund and is not limited to just those who have been rescued or rehomed. Through regular scheduled telephone sessions our Support Volunteers are here to provide a caring and listening ear to give you moral support to help you and to help your Dachshund through difficult times.


Whilst many of our volunteers have experienced similar things, the focus of the sessions will be on you and your Dachshund to give you the time and space to talk through your individual circumstances.  They will not give you specific advice but will help you to discuss challenges you are facing and explore your options so that you feel less alone and more able to make decisions about your Dachshund.


If you feel that Suloti Dachshund Support can be of help to you please get in touch through the contact page.