equipment loan

Equipment Loan

There are many reasons that as an owner you may need to supply equipment for your Dachshund on a temporary basis. Loan of equipment is available to any Dachshund not just those who have been rehomed.


Suloti Dachshund Support offers the loan of strollers, pens and crates to any Dachshund who needs them subject to availability. We can sometimes deliver equipment but if we are unable to deliver we can arrange for collection or postage.


Situations that you may need to borrow equipment to help your Dachshund include IVDD, epilepsy, arthritis or old age related conditions.


There is no set length of time that you are able to borrow the equipment. Dachshunds recover at different rates from IVDD and other medical conditions. Recovery of your dog is very important and we would not wish you to return the equipment until a full recovery is made.


Strollers should be used for your Dachshund after taking advice from your vet. Every dog is different and it is important to do the right thing for your precious pet. We use good quality all-terrain Innopet Dog Strollers. They are 3 wheeled and offer 360 degree swivel for perfect manoeverabilty. The front wheel has built-in suspension, allowing for a smooth ride for our precious Dachshunds ideal for town or country walks. Strollers are great for getting your recovering Dachshund out and about as well as providing mental stimulation.


We also offer the loan of pens which are particularly helpful for Dachshunds suffering from IVDD as they provide more room for your recovering pet with space for a bed, standing area for water, food and also enrichment toys to provide entertainment whilst your dog is confined. The pens have stakes at each corner which we recommend you use to open the crate easily and provide flat access and exit for your dog which is so important when they are recovering from IVDD.


We ask that the equipment is kept in good condition and in the case of strollers that the tyres are kept inflated. All equipment must be cleaned and disinfected prior to being returned.


Please get in touch through the contact page if you would like to discuss loan of equipment.



“I would just like to tell everyone how helpful Sue (Chair) and her team from Suloti Dachshund Support have been in helping me by lending me a Pet Stroller so that Annie can get around if I have to go further than she can walk.

 Annie has got bone marrow cancer at this present time.  She is being looked after by a wonderful vet in Abington Park and although she is in remission, how long she will be with us I don’t know, but every day is a bonus.”