dachshund adoption

Dachshund Adoption

The last few years have been difficult for many people and as Dachshunds are a sensitive breed many of them have struggled too. As a result a large number of dogs given up for rehoming may suffer from separation anxiety, nervousness, lack of socialisation as well as behavioural issues.


Suloti Dachshund Support are looking for new owners that will be dedicated to their new addition to the family and prepared to put in time and effort to help these special little dogs which could take several months in some cases.


If you decide to apply to adopt we would ask that on the application form you detail any health or behavioural issues you have encountered with dogs you currently or have previously owned.


Dogs are given up for rehoming for many reasons and not all dogs have health or behavioural issues but there are many now that need help. Before you apply please consider your circumstances, the amount of dedication required and the amount of time that may be involved when rehoming a Dachshund.


Please note that Suloti Dachshund Support match each dog to the best available home according to the needs of both the dog and new owner.


If you wish to find out more about the adoption process please get in touch through the contact page.


If you would like to apply to adopt a Dachshund please visit the applications page.