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Dachshunds are given up for rehoming for many reasons including separation anxiety, nervousness, lack of socialisation, family circumstances and behavioural issues. If you feel able to give a Dachshund a stable, loving home please use the use button below.


Giving up your Dachshund

Deciding to find a new home for your Dachshund is a very difficult decision to make and there are lots of reasons that you may feel it necessary to consider this option. Suloti volunteers are here to help you make the right decision for your beloved pet and family. If you are considering rehoming please use the use button below.


Temporary Foster Care

Sometimes Dachshund owners are unable to care for their dog for a period of time for various reasons. Issues that Suloti Dachshund Support could help with are emergency situations to include owner illness and time in hospital. If you are in need of temporary foster care please use the button below or call our emergency number 07421 101006.


Equipment Loan

There are many reasons that as an owner you may need to provide equipment for your Dachshund on a temporary basis. Loan of strollers, pens and crates is available to any Dachshund not just rescues. Please use the use button below.


Telephone Support

Here at Suloti Dachshund Support we understand that it can be a challenging and lonely experience having to sometimes deal with difficult situations such as:

  • Having to say goodbye to your treasured Dachshund.
  • Having to put your Dachshund into temporary foster care.
  • Taking on and re-homing a Dachshund.
  • Caring for a Dachshund with behavioural issues.
  • Looking after your Dachshund who is ill.
  • Caring for a Dachshund who is undergoing and recovering from surgery.

To find out more about our kind, caring and supportive telephone service please use the use button below.