about us

We’re a highly supportive and compassionate team, coming together to ensure that Dachshunds are helped in the best possible ways


Our Mission

To provide a kind, considerate, caring and appropriate service for: rehoming, adoption, foster care, loan of strollers, pens and crates as well as support for owners and volunteers.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for all of the dogs and owners we help. We aim to deliver our very best every single day across all of our services.

Our Story

Suloti Dachshund Support is a charity run by a board of Trustees and provides support to Dachshunds and their owners.


Founder and Chair of Suloti, Sue Bluffield has previously held a leading role in a well-established Dachshund charity where she used her valuable knowledge of the Dachshund breed to successfully place many Dachshunds in loving homes. With Suloti Dachshund Support she continues to find wonderful and loving homes for Dachshunds in need.


Sue’s eldest Dachshund, Lottie, has been a great inspiration for the formation of the charity hence the name “Suloti” being a combination of Sue and Lottie. The main component of the charity is kindness. By pure coincidence the meaning of the name Suloti is kindness, compassion, reliability, loyalty and a love of domestic life. These are all morals that are of great importance to the Trustees of the charity.


If you are looking to adopt a Dachshund, sadly finding yourself having to consider a new home for your Dachshund, are looking for temporary care for your Dachshund, need to loan equipment for your Dachshund, are in need of support through a difficult time or need advice please click on the relevant headings to find out more information or feel free to get in touch with us.


The charity is run entirely by volunteers and relies solely on donations. If you feel able to make a donation however small please visit the

donate page.

Our Friends

Nathan Watson Dog Behaviour

We are proud to work with Nathan Watson Dog Behaviour.


When a dog goes to a new home it will usually take quite a while for the Dachshund to settle and they can often display behaviours that we weren’t expecting. As a charity we always pass on any information that we have about the dog, including health and behavioural issues, to new adopters but sometimes behaviours present themselves that are unexpected and situations arise where training and behavioural advice is needed. If as owners we are aware of behaviours that may be displayed when a dog goes to a new home we can then try to prevent them from occurring and also be prepared in case they happen.


Nathan is a highly qualified Canine Behaviour Consultant, has been established for many years and works closely with other rescue charities for newly adopted dogs as well as members of the public requiring help with their dogs.


Upon adoption of a Dachshund through Suloti Dachshund Support Nathan provides an initial Behavioural Support Group session to the new owner with the aim of preventing issues from developing, helping with issues the new owner may already be aware of and assisting with the settling in process of the new family member. If further behavioural and training advice is needed then Nathan will also provide such support.


We are very grateful to Nathan for his help with the charity and are pleased to welcome him to our team.

Yellow Dog UK

We are pleased to sponsor Yellow Dog UK.


Dachshunds can suffer from nervousness, reactivity, anxiety, health issues, be recovering from surgery or just be getting used to a new owner or home and need some space when out on a walk.


We therefore sponsor Yellow Dog UK which is a charity that promotes awareness and understanding of dogs who need space, also known as “yellow dogs”. These dogs may fall into the above categories or they may simply be dogs that prefer to keep their distance from people and other dogs.


Yellow Dog provides a range of products, such as yellow vest,leads,lead covers,lead flags etc to help dog owners signal to others that their dog needs space. Their aim is to increase awareness and understanding of dogs who need space. By educating dog owners and the public they hope to create a safer and more harmonious environment for dogs and their human companions.


All dogs rehomed through Suloti Dachshund Support will be able to receive a discount on any Yellow Dog products.